Friday, December 21, 2012

Success no surprise

Jeremy Jones says he’s not surprised by the interest he’s received of his stylish portable buildings designed and built locally on the sunshine coast. Why Should he be? Any new building that can save us all money and is ready to use as soon as its delivered you can understand why they are selling as fast as he can build them. Given the current depressed economy, Jeremy Jones, Founder of Steel Trendz Portable Buildings, believes he can make a difference for those families and businesses that require a quality, fast, easy and affordable building solution. Jeremy’s energy efficient buildings are generating so much interest not only on the Sunshine Coast but all over QLD because his design is modern and classy compared to the traditional box style site shed you see on a construction site. Steel Trendz Portable Buildings source all their materials from local business. Their factory built modular buildings are constructed to the same building codes as site built constructions. The factory process allows better quality control, less waste, and faster building cycle resulting in up to 50% savings compared to traditional construction. relocatable buildings are common for use as accommodation and liveable sheds, sales office, portable storage etc. For more information, visit the website at